About Alamgir Ranch Ltd.

Alamgir Ranch Ltd. is an agricultural farm. It is a youngest venture of one of largest local conglomerate Labib Group. Alamgir Ranch has started its journey from September 2020 to meet the demand of meat in the country. Alamgir Ranch culture OX in 100% natural way without any form of adulteration such as hormone injection, artificial & harmful medication. Alamgir Ranch maintain 100% schedule of vaccination such as Deworming, LSD, FMD, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Black Quarter, Anthrax, etc.

Year of Inauguration


Total Work Force



At present we have a total four ranches in Dhaka and outside Dhaka & 02 Sales center in Dhaka.

  • Alamgir Ranch 01 - Alamgir Nagar, Ghonar Chala, Kachua, Sakhipur, Tangail.
  • Alamgir Ranch 02- Chak Krishnapur, Chaitrakol, Anantrampur, Pirganj, Rangpur.
  • Alamgir Ranch 03- Akhalia, Mallikbari, Hajir Bazar, Bhaluka, Mymensingh.
  • Alamgir Ranch 04- Ambagan, Solapratima, Dariapur, Sakhipur, Tangail.
  • Board Bazar Retail- Board Bazar, Gachha, Gazipur.
  • Bosila Retail- Bosila, Mohammedpur, Dhaka.


Naturally cultured oxen.