Now-a-days, Sweater is moving fast and Labib Group is also moving faster. The Sweater markets are synonymous with rapid change and Labib Group is poised to bend backward for its customers with its flexibility and responsiveness to react quickly to evolving environments in Sweater Industry in order to meet consumers' demands at its peak.


‘Hypertime to market’ is an adage of apparel production process. Shorter delivery time makes the production and marketing process more efficient and it creates opportunities for quicker responses to changing demands. We always aim to be effective on time, because saving time is saving money and customers' success is our goal.


Labib Group leads to innovativeness and open-thinking culture that flourishes employees' finest proposition which has beneficial impact on company’s growth and overall competitiveness. By taking frequent feedback from our employees & buyers, we are constantly discovering new ideas and conducting sweater industry's fashion trend analysis and you will be all in all by funding in high-end machineries and our strong prominence with sustainable flow & process.


Time is always a key indicator of any success, because time is money. Currently reacting fastly to market is considered as crucial element of competitiveness. We always try to think one step ahead of our ongoing trend and maintain a speedy supply chain. At the same time, we visualize the concept and run production and confirm our product to the market with 100% efficiency and top-notch infrastructure.